Promises in the Wind; Finding Hope Again

Finding Hope Again

A small boat, in the middle of the sea, once sailing full steam ahead with confidence and surety, now sits still, swaying to the tides. The sails had been full of wind, forging the boat towards a promising horizon, bright with sunshine, filled with possibilities. The excitement and anticipation of what was ahead was both thrilling and intimidating at the same time. It seemed nothing could stop the momentum of this boat’s journey, until something did, knocking the wind right out of it's sails, making this boat come to a screeching halt. There was scrambling to keep the boat afloat, waves to manage that were desperately trying to knock the boat over, at times almost successful. The sails, once full of life, had to come down to allow the boat to hunker down and weather the storm.

The waves eventually died down and the stormy sky, still gray, cleared and all was still, including the air that enveloped the boat. Uncertain of safety, it was questioned, has the storm really passed? There was hesitation to emerge. Everything seemed intact, nothing had been torn or was broken but there was the feeling of having been wounded. The grey skies matched the grey sea and while it was quiet and still, coming out wasn’t feeling too inviting, not just yet. Frustration started to set in as the uncertainty of what’s next came to mind. What just happened, and where did that come from?  What direction to go in now?  Which horizon to head towards? And the sails. Once full of wind now lie flat, wrapped tightly, not exuding a whole lot of hope of ever filling up again.

The sun starts to peak through the grey clouds above, spreading sunshine rays throughout. The sea begins to shimmer, showing signs of its brilliance and promise. Warmth, even if intermittent, begins to surround the air. The sails beckon to be brought back up. Unsure, yet making the leap of faith, the sails go back up. There’s a flutter here and there but nothing substantial to take hold. There are quick moments of despair, then the sea flashes its beauty and the sun shines a bit brighter. The blue sea competes with the sky’s bright blue and in that, it becomes important to just sit with both the sea and the sky. The silence and the beauty brings forth hope. Perhaps the wind can wait for just a bit. Sitting here in the still blue sea, sparkling with diamonds, isn’t such a bad place to be at the moment.  Soaking in the rays of peace, the warmth of joy; hope for new wind fills the air, which feels with certainty, will come again. Therein lies a new excitement in anticipation for that wind and there’s a renewed peace in the waiting, and watching, as a new horizon emerges.