Today's Gratitude


I recently received a review from Ranae, an incredibly smart, witty, strong woman who works in the field of law (did I say strong?) and a single mom of an equally, incredibly smart, witty, strong, 9 year old daughter who she was having some struggles and challenges with.  Here are some of Ranae's words about her coaching experience and what it's done for her:

 "I was at my wits end when I reached out to Claire who had just started her Parent Coaching practice.  My daughter had been diagnosed with ADD and was struggling at school and at home to complete homework and chores.  As her parent, I was struggling right along with her and finding that my patience had diminished greatly.  I was yelling at her a LOT just to get us out the door every day, never mind trying to get her to finish her homework or complete her chores.  

Claire started by having me look at all that was working and great about our family, bringing them to the surface and recognizing them.  I had been mired in all the negative that was happening in our home and she had me re-shift the focus onto the positives of what was around me, while still realizing the challenges that existed.  She taught me how to give my child choices that ultimately supported my boundaries and needs and helped my child to accomplish the end task.  I learned that the ability to offer kids choices allows them to feel heard, validated and respected and this respect is reflected back to us as a parent.  She challenged me to dig deep to understand why my daughter was doing certain things and why I was doing certain things (being reactive rather than responsive). She has helped provide clarity amid lots of confusion.

When she taught me to dream about the life I wanted for us, things started moving in that direction.  Amazing.  I continue to dream about my life and put that out there for the universe to deliver."

Here's the thing.  I love what I get to do when I work with parents.  Love it.  I am so honored, truly, that I am let into people's lives so deeply as they share with me their concerns, fears, challenges and their dreams and desires.  It's humbling and incredibly energizing at the same time. I have seen such realizations, aha moments and major transformations happen in these parents and Ranae was no exception.  Her growth and new understanding of herself personally and as her daughter's mom was immense throughout this process.  And guess what? It transformed me too.  All along the way, I received my own realizations, aha moments as well.  I continue to learn more about myself, as a coach, as a mom as a woman and the realization that this is what I am meant to do gets me each and every time.  It's a journey. All of it, for all of us, and I am so thankful to be able to join you, as people and as parents on it.  So, THANK YOU , Ranae!  It was such an honor working with you and I'm so excited for your continued journey as you move forward in your dreams for yourself and your family.

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