It's Not You

To be chosen. To be seen.

To be enough. To be loved.

There’s pain behind not feeling chosen.  Not feeling seen. There’s pain behind not feeling enough.  Not feeling loved.

You look for ways to be chosen. You work hard to be seen. But you are not enough as you are. You are loved for other things.

In your desire to: Be chosen. Be seen. Be enough. Be loved.

You put on the happy face. This is your armor. This is your mask. This is you. You believe this as truth.  It becomes a pattern in your life and you don’t even know it.  You are doing what you need to do.

To be chosen, seen, enough, loved.

You don’t fully trust You don’t fully receive You don’t fully believe

Until one day. One day after many Days Months Years

You grieve another “not you” It’s deep It’s raw It’s not you

Only, “It’s not you” takes on a different meaning.

A new dawn arises You take on this new meaning. It’s not you

You begin to say I choose me I see me I am enough I love me

And the patterns come to light- How you’ve bought into the lie. Have repeatedly lived the lie- “Not You” In so many ways.

My children My family For so many years filled my need, my soul, by choosing me.

And I choose them. I see them. They are enough. They are loved.

They grow up – and then they choose.  

Our children. They teach us. We are children among our children, Continuing to grow and evolve.

When they were young; They showed me peace. They showed me creativity. They showed me I am intuitive. They showed me trust.

When they were tweens; They taught me about silence. They taught me about patience. They taught me about boundaries. They taught me about discomfort.

As teenagers, they are teaching me; They wish to be chosen. They wish to be seen. They wish to be enough. They wish to be loved.

 By me, by others, by their own selves.

They become adults: They go. They choose. The choices are theirs. It’s not you.

They teach me: New ways of choosing New ways of being                                                                                                                                     New ways of understanding                                                                                                                      New ways of loving                                                                                                                   

You, too, continue to have a choice. Buy back into the lie and believe, it’s not you Or You can continue to grow, learn and know, it’s not you.

You are seen. You are loved. You are enough. You are chosen.