Our Mind's Garden

Written by: Alannah Cetti

Our minds are like gardens
Everything we take in is a seed
Things that have impacted us we plant
As we remember memories and lessons
We water them, helping them to grow into beautiful flowers
But, when looking at our unique garden
We tend to only notice the weeds
As we dread, disgust of these weeds
We pour all our water onto them, making them stronger
We soon begin to ignore our beautiful flowers
Causing our garden to become more and more empty
Little do we know our flowers are much stronger than our weeds
Our weeds are ill rooted and thin, so easy to pick out
Every garden has weeds
But, it is our choice to focus on them
Don’t nourish them
For they are not permanent
So, next time you see a weed
It is not you
It is a part of you
That is so much weaker
Than the field of beautiful flowers
That is right behind it
Don’t nourish it
Accept it
So it is easier to pick