parent with confidence


Through thoughtful and purposeful conversations, parent coaching helps parents find their true parenting potential, desires and dreams they have for themselves and for their families. By looking within and indentifying their personal strengths, values and where the life of the family is, endless possibilities and potential for creativity, options and solutions are opened. Parents experience deeper connections with their child(ren), discover clear parenting strategies and enjoy an overall peace within their renewed parenting journey. Tapping into the family's life source creates a positive family culture that leaves a lasting impact not only for the parent(s) but for the family as a whole.



When my husband and I began our own family, which ended up with 4 amazing, vastly different kids, I was the first of my friends to begin this parenting journey. I was also 3000 miles away from my original family...

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"I left every session so filled up with encouragement about who I am as a mom and as an individual and excited about the possibilities within the dreams I have for my family and life.   Wherever you find yourself on your parenting journey, I could not recommend more you giving yourself and/or your partner the gift of time in parent coaching with Claire."

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