what is parent coaching?

Claire Cetti, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

Parenting is hard and can make us feel alone.  We all face challenges at one time or another along the way where we feel stuck, overwhelmed or confused about what to do.  As a PCI certified parent coach® I will work alongside you as we search for new insights into your strengths and abilities regarding your parenting challenges and issues. You can expect approximately ten to twelve one-hour interactive sessions where the discussion will always be unique to your own family experience.  The goal will be to unearth fresh ways to address challenges and ultimately to achieve a better, stronger family dynamic.  There is no judgment, diagnosing or one-size-fits-all mentality.  Rather, there is unbiased understanding, compassion and support.  All sessions are fully confidential as I strive to provide a safe space for open and thoughtful communication.


  • Setting boundaries / Disciplining

  • Improving communication / Listening

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Managing media and technology

  • Intrinsic Motivation / School

  • Staying connected with your children

  • Transitioning through life-stages

  • Need of more personal self care

As your coach,  I can guide you through discussion of topics like these and many others, helping you to understand your personal parenting style along the way while becoming more intentional and confident in your parenting journey. 

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